K3 Combat Movement Systems was born of the lifelong studies of Dr. Mark Cheng in the areas of martial arts, strength and conditioning, and rehabilitative medicine. When people repeatedly asked Cheng to put together a program showing how he himself would train based on what he believed were “best practices”, he came up with the K3 Combat Movement Systems idea. The 3 Ks were originally drawn from Kick-punch martial arts (Karate, Kung-Fu, etc.), Kettlebells, & Kali / Krabi-Krabong (Southeast Asian weaponry systems), but the syllabus has shifted from stylistic to conceptual, moving away from combat-focused application to sports performance and rehabilitation, allowing for the widest application with the greatest opportunity for doing the most good.


Dr. Cheng put in over 100 hours organizing drills and curricula for the different levels and outlining what he believed were the most important principles, but his hectic daily schedule due to career and family demands forced him to shelf the K3 project until his best friend, fellow clinician, and movement expert Dr. Jimmy Yuan heard about it. 

Thanks to Yuan, the two of them got back into the lab, Cheng’s “Sanctum” in Diamond Bar, CA, and cranked out drafts of what became Levels 1-3 of the K3 CMS Foundations certification workshops. As Cheng explains, “Throughout history and across all cultural lines, warriors have had to develop themselves into the best tactical athletes. The better their bodies could move under duress and the faster they could recover from the stresses of warfare, the greater their chances of survival.


Thus, for modern athletes and people who want to be able to operate using more of their human potential, Cheng & Yuan have drawn on these thousands of years of warrior training and restorative methods and created a systematic, safety-oriented, stimulus-rich, and scalable training method that addresses the performance enhancement and rehabilitative needs of everyone from the schoolchild who is struggling with dyslexia to the professional athlete or Olympian who needs an edge in competition.

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